How are 2020 trends changing with the times?

Getting back to work after nearly four months has been both exciting and interesting. We’ve offered each client a full consultation – like it’s their first visit to the salon – as an opportunity to rethink how they now want their hair.

In lots of cases we’re seeing hair in its truly natural state. Clients may have had to embrace curl and movement during lockdown, working with it and not against it. For our colour clients, regrowth may have revealed a lighter or darker shade of their virgin colour, which they may prefer.

The team at Daniel Galvin are really enjoying the challenge of working with clients to find what suits them and their lifestyle now. It’s clear that a less structured, more natural feel is what most clients are looking to achieve.

What’s the next big thing in colour for your clients?

Most of our clients had taken our advice to not try home colouring during lockdown, so their natural shades and tones could grow through. Lots of them have enjoyed being able to see what their colour is really like, while some have seen grey coming through. But instead of covering it, we’re working with the grey, adding soft lowlights – with the silver working as a highlight – to give a softer, more natural multi-tonal effect. What is clear, is that clients are keen to preserve the condition of their hair and want an altogether more low-maintenance colour.

How has it been getting back to the salon?

The Daniel Galvin Salon teams are a family and getting back after lockdown was just like a family reunion – with the right social distancing, of course!

Lockdown has been extremely hard for so many. As creatives, we’ve all missed the chance to express ourselves through styling and colouring. It was a long, and at times frustrating, journey to get ready for the re-opening. But seeing clients again, welcoming them into the salon and starting afresh with their hair, has all been a positive experience – and the end results with clients leaving the salon feeling fabulous and special is why we all do it. Happy, glamorous clients is what it’s all about.

Which Procare products do you use, how have they changed the way you work, and what’s the best thing about them?

PPE, Social Distancing and Covid-19 Compliancy were buzzwords for weeks before the re-opening of our three salons on 4th July. Our focus was to keep our team and clients safe, while still offering the very best luxury hair service.

Hair colour is at the very heart of our business and where it all began for Daniel Galvin himself. The Procare 24*7 automatic hair foil dispenser has been a key part of keeping our busy colour department running smoothly. It means we can prepare ahead of our day, freeing up valuable time for the junior team to keep on top of a very strict cleansing programme throughout the working day.

Our colour dispensary is less busy, so the area can be used for mixing colours, which ultimately helps with social distancing – key in such a busy salon. The Procare 24*7 automatic hair foil dispenser cuts foil to different lengths, double-folds for added strength and support, and can make 50 foils at a time. We can be prepared for all our clients well in advance and more importantly focus on the customer experience – essential for re-building the hairdressing industry in these challenging times.

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