About Sophia

Founder and director of the world renowned ‘Not Another Salon’, located just a minute’s walk from the buzzing Shoreditch High Street in London – Sophia’s experience in hair colouring is topped by no other. Having starred in the BBC 3 show ‘Misfits Salon’, Sophia sought to break down societal norms and celebrate clients’ individuality from behind the chair. The taboo smashing hit brought Sophia’s vibrant inclusivity to the screens of the nation, sparking change in the way that people acted well beyond the salon.

An Industry Voice

On a vocation to educate aspiring salon owners and hairdressers to make the leap from root touch ups to crazy colour, she is a master in combining her practical salon experience and personable communication skills to transform the work and norms of the entire hair community. While UK salons have suffered with the ongoing waves of government lockdown, Sophia has been pivotal in providing a range of expert masterclasses for aspiring colourists and business owners to develop their skills, from leadership training through to vivid colours.

Using in-depth industry knowledge and influential social presence, Sophia has been a driving force in the recent #SaveOurSalons initiative, helping to raise awareness for all UK salons following their forced closure in the COVID-19 pandemic. Simply by encouraging all salon workers affected by the lockdown to write a letter to their local MP, her social media presence has helped to activate real positive change for those struggling in the global pandemic.

Mastering the Perfect Bleed

When we were given the opportunity to feature in Sophia’s ‘Perfect Bleed’ online education class, it’s safe to say that we were truly humbled. For the past two decades, Procare has been the go-to foil brand for Sophia – and our 24*7 automatic hair foil dispenser is practically part of the furniture in Not Another Salon. When creating the perfect bleed, Sophia requires a foil with enough flexibility to enable absolute control in the colouring process, but also enough thickness to hold its shape.

It’s fair to say that the results speak for themselves.

For any colourist wanting to make the switch from ombres and touch-ups to vivids, then this is the course for you.

Reignite your creativity and click the link below to find a link to Sophia’s course.


You can also check out the video below, to hear why Sophia vouches for Procare products.

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