Throughout the decades, we have made bolder colours more accessible for those who want to switch it up, and we’re now living in an era defined by social media, with colourists on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube sharing their top tips for flawless application. With so many clients going bolder, we wanted to share a few words of wisdom for pastel work this Spring.

Bye bye box-dye

We all know that home dyes have their place when it comes to topping up colour after a little time away from the chair, but to ensure your clients’ hair is protected when experimenting with bolder colours, it’s vital to communicate that going to a professional is the only safe bet… especially with pastels. Salon dyes are built up of thousands of easily removable molecules that colour the hair, whilst home dye kits with enhancing colour shots act more like stain, which often leads to long-term hair damage. Metallic salts are still widely used in box dyes. These chemicals will lead to colour becoming progressively darker with each layer of application, which will lose any softness you’re looking to achieve with pastels.

Style it right

Without expert styling, you’re doing pastels little justice. So, when applying colour, it’s crucial to consider how clients will be wearing their hair, as well as how it will grow out over time. For example, braids are perfect for showing off varying tones of the same colour – so a combination of a bright and pastel blue will always be a complimentary choice. For a safer bet, a pastel coral adds a cool-yet-delicate edge to pretty much every type of hair; the colour easily picks up in bleached or lightened hair, and it looks fantastic on all skin tones. Alternatively, for clients looking to maintain length, or grow out their hair, dipping the ends is another excellent way to introduce a splash of colour whilst maintaining natural tones within the roots.

Longevity of pastel hair

Great things can’t last forever, and given the softness of their colour, naturally pastels don’t have a lot of longevity post application. We know that it’s difficult to accept that the colour will only hold for a few shampoos, especially after spending several hours lifting the natural tone. However, by making your client’s hair a little brighter during the first application, they can then enjoy the colour for a little longer – just always make sure to run this by them first. There are other ways to get the most out of pastels too; booking touch up appointments every four to six weeks, sticking to colour-preserving shampoos, and avoiding excessive exposure to the sun are a few must-dos when maintaining the mane (we even wrote a blog about it, which you can read below).

Show your hair some love post-salon.


Clients can be apprehensive about making the jump to ‘braver’ colours, so the most important thing that we can do from behind the chair is to be informative about the colour application process. This way, clients can confidently embrace their new hues, while also being reassured of how to keep their hair in excellent condition post-salon. Remember, to ensure that your colour application is consistent, accurate and sustainable, Procare’s premium range of foils, films, meche, and dispensers consist of the highest quality materials available. Save time, reduce waste and guarantee results with our range below.

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