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Introducing the Balayage Hair Foil Dispenser – Your Gateway to Unleash Artistic Freedom in Hair Colouring!

The Balayage Hair Foil Dispenser is a game-changer for professional hairstylists who crave creative freedom in their work. Designed for effortless storage and dispensing of Procare balayage films and foil, this dispenser simplifies the process with a pull-to-length mechanism and a press release. It’s the ultimate tool for those seeking to create inspired freehand work, allowing you to focus on your artistry and create breathtaking balayage masterpieces.


Key Features:

Artistic Freedom: This dispenser empowers you to express your artistic vision without constraints. With the pull-to-length and press functionality, you can focus on your creativity and achieve the perfect balayage results.

Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with a range of Procare balayage products, including PROCARE PREMIUM BALAYAGE CLING FILM ROLL 300MM X 150MTR, PROCARE PREMIUM BALAYAGE RIGID FILM ROLL 300MM X 90MTR, and PROCARE PREMIUM BALAYAGE SILVER FOIL ROLL 300MM X 50MTR, this dispenser adapts to your specific needs.

Effortless Application: Say goodbye to cumbersome processes and hello to streamlined balayage applications. This dispenser ensures that your balayage films and foil are always ready for use.


The Balayage Hair Foil Dispenser is not just a tool; it is your key to unlocking limitless potential in balayage hair colouring. It is designed to enhance your workflow, reduce time-consuming steps, and bring your artistic dreams to life. Join the community of professional stylists who trust Procare for their hairdressing needs. Elevate your salon’s capabilities and embrace the freedom to create exceptional balayage work.

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Compatible with our cling, non-cling and foil refills.


Extra width and flexibility for easy separation.


Perfect for freehand colouring.


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