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Introducing the Procare Premium Black Dispenser Trays – The Perfect Companion for Your Procare 24*7 Automatic Hair Foil Dispenser!

The Procare Premium Black Dispenser Trays are designed to enhance your salon’s efficiency and provide a seamless experience when using the Procare 24*7 fully automatic hair foil dispenser. This pack includes three foil collection trays, specially crafted to work in perfect harmony with the dispenser, making it even easier to manage your foils during hair colouring sessions.


Key Features:

Effortless Foil Management: The Procare Premium Black Dispenser Trays make foil collection and management a breeze. They ensure that foils are neatly collected and ready for use, reducing any interruptions during your colouring process.

Designed for the 24*7 Dispenser: These trays are tailor-made for use with the Procare 24*7 fully automatic hair foil dispenser, ensuring a seamless fit and exceptional functionality.

Enhanced Salon Efficiency: By keeping your foils organized and readily accessible, these trays contribute to a more efficient salon operation, ultimately saving you time and enhancing your service quality.


Upgrade your salon experience with the Procare Premium Black Dispenser Trays. They are a small but invaluable addition that streamlines your foil management process, allowing you to focus on delivering top-notch hair colour services to your valued clients. Join the community of professional stylists who trust Procare for their hairdressing needs. Elevate your salon’s capabilities and provide your clients with the excellence they deserve.

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