As Autumn arrives and the weather changes, we see this in the hair trends too. With hair heavily influenced by fashion, celebrities and weather this means our clients at Society naturally want to embrace more warmth in their hair.

Georgia Bell – “As a colourist I personally feel there is no better variation and personalisation that matches copper, at my salon Society creating the perfect bespoke shade is what we do.”

For Clients that want to “fire it up” naturally we’ve created some amazing bespoke mixes to ensure every shade suits them perfectly and the same goes for all our “brighter babes”. If our Clients want something, we are going to do our best to achieve these. Here at society we have seen a shift with our bleached bombshells wanting to play around with more vibrant tones. We have been creating beautiful peaches and rose golds, every shade tweaked slightly to endure maximum suitability, this is a great way to start introducing autumnal shades to your clients base.

Bright Fire

"For all my bright babes that want some autumn vibes that really stand out, I create some crazy copper vibes with pravana direct dye." - Georgia Bell

Autumn Leaves

"Here's a mixture of fading and ribbons of shades all from similar pallet but teamed up with a deep route to create an amazing colour that pops." - Georgia Bell

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