With a particular focus on ethical styling, founders Stephan Vi and Alessandro Franc have ensured that both venues operate on 100% renewable energy and are styled with 100% recycled furniture. They also recycle hair and foils, and use the best vegan hair products.

We caught up with Glitch stylist Liam Boulton, who has worked at the Bristol site for 3 and a half years, to learn more about his visions for 2022, how Glitch’s buzzy atmosphere affects his work and how to stay ahead in a busy salon.

Glitch is described as an anti-salon and an evolving space. What does this mean to you and what makes working at Glitch unique?

To me, that means breaking down the norms of a traditional salon and creating a space that is completely inclusive. Glitch is the opposite of intimidating – it’s somewhere everyone can feel comfortable and relaxed. Personally, I really value working at a salon where I feel safe and able to express myself. The whole team works together on the same level and we’re all interested in each other’s ideas, so there is always a sense of collaboration rather than competition. It’s an evolving space. We’ve got a café, we sell house plants, we can be rented out for photoshoots and we host live music events for clients on the weekends – it’s so versatile!

Freehand painting and hair art have seen a lot of exposure in the last 12 months, where do you see colour trends evolving as we move into 2022?

Freehand balayages and lived-in colours will always be popular but we’re starting to see a move toward brighter and more vivid colours. I love doing anything contrasting, like 90s panelling. When in doubt, go for something bright and big!

Procare Balayage Films

Is there one salon product that you couldn’t go a day without?

The Procare 24*7. As someone who works a lot with colour and foiling, always chasing the clock, I need to know that my foils are ripped and prepared at all times. I don’t have a junior to do that work for me, so the 24*7 comes in super handy when I’m running out of foil or need some extra time to prepare my colours. On average, I’d say I use between 50 and 100 foils per client. Having said that, I recently did one that was well over 110!

Procare Hair Foils

Mullets, shags and buzzcuts have all been hot topics this year. Which cuts do you see becoming popular in 2022?

We’re already seeing a rise in French bobs, French crops and anything with short fringes. I think short styles in general are going to be more popular in the coming months. Like you said, mullets are very popular right now – but if you’re going to move away from that, there’s only one way to go and that’s to get rid of the back. The result? A bob!

If you could give one piece of advice to a junior hair stylist looking to make a name for themselves in the industry, what would it be?

To try and put your personality into your work as much as you can. We all have our set ways of doing things and rely on our foundations but sometimes it’s nice to break the rules, to try things differently and put your own spin on things. One thing I’ve started doing recently is change up my sectioning patterns when working on more visual cuts, like shags. It can be a trial-and-error process at times, but when it works, it really works.

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