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Introducing the Write & Wipe Colouring Trolley, the ultimate companion for every hairdresser and stylist. This innovative trolley ensures you never forget a colour formulation or client’s preferences again, providing a seamless and efficient experience in the salon.

Key Features:

1. Write & Wipe Surface:

Easily write down colour formulas, client preferences, or any essential notes using a convenient write and wipe surface.

2. Hair Resistant Wheels:

Equipped with wheels designed to resist hair accumulation, ensuring smooth movement throughout the salon.

3. Stain Resistant:

A trolley that is built to withstand the demands of a salon environment, resisting stains, and maintaining a clean, professional appearance.

4. Recycling Bin:

Includes a dedicated bin for efficient disposal and recycling of hair foil, contributing to an eco-friendly salon environment.

5. Elegant Design:

A sleek and sophisticated design that adds a touch of elegance to your salon, reflecting your commitment to style and functionality.

6. Premium Tint Bowls & Brushes:

Thoughtfully integrated holders for premium tint bowls and brushes, keeping your tools organized and easily accessible.

7. Heat Proof & Slip-Proof Mat:

A heat-resistant and slip-proof mat ensures safety and convenience when placing hot styling tools during your hair colouring processes.

With the Write & Wipe Colouring Trolley, you can effortlessly glide through the salon, organize your tools, and provide a superior experience for your clients. Stay efficient, professional, and environmentally conscious with this essential tool designed for modern hairstyling professionals.

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